Welcome to Woodah’s little Bar and Kitchen!

Our cafe serves organic & homemade vegetarian breakfast from 8-10pm and is included in the price. The content will vary a little depending on what's in season and availability, but it usually goes something like this:
Drained natural yogurt, homemade muesli, freshly baked danish bread (rye, wholegrain and gluten free) different jams, penutbutter, avocado, cheese, boiled eggs, fresh fruits and berries. The breakfast include filter coffee and herbal tea

Other delicious homemade goodies served throughout the day:



Veggie samosas with raita 3,5 €

Homemade bun with topping (penutbutter, avocado, cheese, jam, bean spread.. etc) 3,0 €

Porridge (rye, oats and rice milk)

choose different toppings 3,5 €
The days green salad 4 €
Raw cakes and bites 2 €
Fresh organic fruits 1 €
Mixed nuts and seeds 2 €



All prices are listed in Euros.

Woodah organic Coffee(CappuMoccaLatteCino! whatever you like, the way you like)3 €
Juice of the day 3,5 €
Green booster with lemon 2,5 €
Herpal teas 2,5 €
Hot chocolate, homemade with raw cacao 3,5 €
Ginger lemonade 3 €
Beer 4 €
Sodas 3 €



Woodah arts, from local artist, check it out!

Woodah postcards 2 €
Woodah shoulder bag with print 20 €
T-shirts with different design 20 €


Yoga stuffa:

Organic yoga mats 80 €
Towel made from organic cotton 27 €
Woodah yoga bags 33 €


Yoga clothe by local designers, books and cd's are also available at the hostel